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The Team

We are a team of builders, thinkers, guitar players, and explorers of the world.

We approach our work with passion and curiosity, using what we've learned to create

meaningful learning experiences that add value to students we are honored to serve.

Dennise Ondina
Dennise Ondina- Director
Homeschool Specialist
Diane Zamot
Diane Zamot
Tutoring & Homeschool Specialist 

For the past 25 years, Ms. Dennise has dedicated her career to serving children and families. Her experiences as a mom, a teacher, and an elementary and middle-school charter public school administrator have shaped her pedagogical philosophy— all students can learn beyond our expectations given the proper tools, guidance, and environment. Ms. Dennise holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration, a Master's in school counseling, and a Montessori Elementary Certification. Moreover, she has extensive training in Orton-Gillingham evidence-based reading instruction (i.e., Riggs-Spalding, Phono-graphix, Wilson, Lindamood-Bell). You can find Dennise paddle-boarding the Florida waterways, training her Aussie (Rio) and Husky (Tokyo), or absorbing the outdoors with family and friends...dogs included.

As a military veteran and aviation enthusiast, Ms. Diane brings high energy and a contagious passion for learning. Her experience as a Certified Science Teacher K-8th, STEM Instructor, ESL Volunteer, and Civil Air Patrol Aviation and Aerospace Educator contributes to a unique set of skills that inspire students' love of learning. Due to her years of service as a United States Air Force pilot (THANK YOU!), Ms. Diane has had the opportunity to travel the world and immerse in incredible cultural experiences that she continuously shares with her students. Her classroom filled with planets, vintage chemistry objects, and animal specimens is a vivid reflection of her her passion for wonder. Ms. Diane enjoys birdwatching, hiking, glamping, and cycling in excess of 100 miles per week!

Shelby Earle
Shelby Earle
Tutoring, Homeschool Specialist 
'Joe' Davis
Tutoring, Homeschool Specialist 

Designated Florida High Impact Educator 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 and selected by the faculty and staff of her former school(s) as Teacher of the Year, Ms. Shelby adds to the team extensive practical knowledge in Florida State Math and Science Standards, including STEM. She has earned a Master's in Varying Exceptionalities and a holds Bachelors of Science in Elementary. Yet, most important for Ms. Shelby is having had the privilege to be a champion for children of all abilities— she has taught in traditional, ESE, advanced and gifted programs. Her hobbies include photography, nature, cooking, and travel. Ms. Shelby is an avid bird watcher and volunteer for the Audubon Society's Eagle Watch Program. Would you believe she has visited most national state parks...she has the checklist to prove it!

Mr. Joe has great passion for mathematics, communication and world languages. His experience as a math tutor K-12 encouraged him to pursue a Teaching Math Certification. Most recently, he participated in the National Math Conference to learn about the most current developments and materials in the field math instruction. Mr. Joe has also been a freelance music instructor, teaching music/sound theory to students of all ages. A graduate of Sanford Brown (formally known as The International Academy of Design and Technology), he holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Audio Production, with a primary focus in Sound Engineering. His hobbies and interests include, comedy, animals and nature. He is a strong proponent of mental health initiatives for children and youth.  

Screen Shot 2023-07-21 at 10.32.48 AM.png
Amanda Fernandez
Tutoring, Homeschool Specialist, Social Media 
Ian Ondina
Ian Ondina
Office Assistant, Peer Mentor and Positive Icon

Traveling over 27 countries and living in some of them, Ms. Amanda has been coined "our most experienced world traveler." She delights our students with her bigger than life time line productions, making history come alive for our students. Ms. Amanda is our reading group Dragon Master, leading our students to the deep and engaging discussions of literature in all genres. She also teaches 1:1 remedial/early reading instruction and manages our social media. You can find Ms. Amanda on the porch swing on sunny days reading a good book and sipping a cup of tea. Did I say she is also an international food connoisseur who loves purring cats?

Ian is the most positive thinking person on earth! As a brain injury survivor, Ian had to relearn how to breathe, walk, eat, and think  on his own. His ten year recovery...and still counting, is nothing short of a miracle. Ian's combined experiences have made him a great peer mentor to others. He also assists in office projects and enjoys supporting novice readers and enrichment clubs. When not at ILLUMINA, you can find Ian working for the Sheriff's Department at your nearest school crossing, helping children navigate the roads safely. Ian has a background as an AutoCAD technician. He is also a video gamer and technology wizard with a keen eye for visual detail. 

Olivia Strickland
Tutor Intern, Office Assistant

Olivia is a summer intern from the University of Georgia. She is in her freshman year pursuing a Speech Pathology degree. Given her outstanding performance as a tutoring specialist and office assistant, we have attempted to call all airlines for a coordinated hiatus at the end of July in an effort to keep her at Illumina. Olivia's dedication to her students, her positivity, and her willingness to meet the student's needs has been a gift for all. She is a valued member of the team that will surely be missed. See you next summer, Olivia! We wish you the best in your academic endeavors and can't wait for you to share your new found wisdom with the students and staff! 

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