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"The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size," 
Albert Einstein

Our Homeschool Program in a Nutshell

Three words describe what we do at homeschool every day- CURIOSITY, LEARNING, and FUN. Our Homeschool-Tutoring instructional Program (known as HIP) began as the combined initiative of parents and teachers that sought a new and better alternative for student learning; one in which children would engage in scholar studies through structured, direct, small group instruction and fun project learning. 

Instruction is delivered by the best teachers on the planet. These highly skilled professionals teach to their strengths and passion. HIP students are strong communicators, dedicated writers, and fierce readers, earning the rightful name of 'Book Dragons'. They are explorers of the world, scientifically-minded, and are hooked on learning.
Simply put, our students do not want to miss a day homeschool. Our 98% daily attendance rate is by far the most significant testimonial to the success of our work. Most of our students are above grade level per school standards.


Luckily, we are not a school (with all due respect to the great schools of the world!). Families often describe HIP as the 'Magic School Bus.' And some tell us we are the 'old school house' that they would have liked to have attended as children. If you want your child or teen to learn and grow in ways you never imagined, book a consultation appointment to learn more. Please note our micro-community design is based in a balanced approach to age and development. Therefore, we may, at times, have a waiting list.  

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