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Is your child struggling in school?

Our programs are designed to help students gain mastery

 in critical areas for school success: 


  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Mathematics

  • SAT, ACT, FSA Prep 

  • Executive Functioning


Our homeschool support program is a rigorous, evidenced-based program for students K-12. Aligned to state standards, the program provides a rich curriculum that emphasizes academic growth through practice, problem-solving, and mastery in all subject areas. Our proven results demonstrate the efficacy of our method.


Illumina Learning workshops offer students valuable tools

to navigate school life. 

Whether learning about table etiquette, social skills,  high school or college readiness,

our students learn

to apply smart solutions to
solve day-to-day problems. 

The coaching sessions helped my boys take ownership of their learning and develop greater independence and responsibility. 

Cynthia Gonzalez, Tampa


Illumina Learning Center, Inc. offers one-on-one academic tutoring at our learning center and online. In addition, we offer homeschool-tutoring programs, high school and college test preparation, as well as homework supervision, and child development workshops.  

Created by Dennise Ondina, a former public school elementary and middle school principal with a 20-year background in education and school counseling, Illumina focuses on the development of the whole child. 

We work with the best educators and specialists in the field to help students gain academic mastery, independence, and self-confidence. We believe that all children can learn beyond expectations given the appropriate tools and a safe learning environment were students feel eager to learn. 

Timing in addressing the needs of children at various stages of development is crucial. Give us a call today to discuss how we can create a tailored program that meets your child's needs.

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