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Check out our homeschool support program!

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Is your child struggling in school?

Our programs are help students gain mastery in critical areas needed for school success: 


  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Mathematics

  • Science, Civics, Geography

  • SAT, ACT, FSA, EOE Prep 

  • Executive Functioning

Our students typically make one-two years of academic gains. ILLUMINA's tailored instructional-coaching approach instills the confidence students need to thrive in school. 


Our homeschool support program is a rigorous, evidence-based program for students K-8th grade. 

Students develop strong critical thinking skills and academic growth through practice, problem-solving, and mastery in all subject areas. 

Whether you are looking for a leap-year, small group program to help your child fine-tune academic skills  or seek a different and more effective approach, our homeschool support program may be the right fit.

Call us for a tour and discover for yourself how a supportive homeschool environment can help your child regain the love of learning.


Our ALL-IN-ONE SUMMER CAMP combines remedial instruction in language and/or mathematics with fun summer activities.


Designed by Illumina's director, and former public school administrator with a background in child development, the program addresses foundational benchmark concepts essential for students entering the next grade level. Students will also enjoy fun activities including science, engineering and design, problem solving games, and art. 

Delivered by certified teacher(s).

The coaching sessions helped my boys take ownership of their learning and develop greater independence and responsibility. 

Cynthia Gonzalez, Tampa


ILLUMINA LEARNING CENTER offers development programs Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our services include one-on-one and online academic tutoring, individual and small group test preparation, as well as a comprehensive homeschool support program. Moreover, we offer our popular brain development camps during June and July. 

Created by Dennise Ondina, a former public school elementary and middle school principal with a 20-year background in education and school counseling, ILLUMINA focuses on the development of the whole child. 


We work with the best educators and specialists in the field to help students gain academic mastery, independence, and self-confidence. We believe that all children can learn beyond expectations given the appropriate tools and a safe learning environment where students feel eager to learn. 

Timing in addressing the needs of children at various stages of development is crucial. Give us a call today to discuss how we can create a tailored program that meets your child's needs.

 (727) 937-3025
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Illumina Learning Center, Inc.

540 N Pinellas Ave.

Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Tel: (727) 937-3025

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