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Our homeschool support program provides academic sessions in all subjects Monday through Friday.


As part of our STEM studies, we have an outdoor vegetable and butterfly garden that expands on science units with real-life applications. Students also work in teams to complete an engineering design following the design process.  Take a peek HERE at some of the student's fabulous projects!


We tailor instruction to the child's needs while adhering to rigorous academic standards that meet grade-level expectations. 

Students gain mastery through step-by-step instruction, practice, and close monitoring in a learning environment that is engaging and fosters personal responsibility and accountability.​

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What Our Families  Say...

"G has become more outgoing and confident this year. Her organizational skills have also improved. She does her work independently." 

-Mary Anne, October 29, 2020
5th grade student

"L has never been more enthusiastic about learning.     He never wants to miss 

a day of homeschool...even on vacation. We would have loved to learn this way in school."
- Sal and Ari, January 12, 2021
3rd grade student


"I am donating these early Bob Books books we had at home.   It seems he will need them since he is reading four and five-letter words. We are thrilled!" 

- Charie, April 13, 2021
1st grade student

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