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Tutoring Session

Student Coaching


Student coaching focuses on the process of developing knowledge, skills, and confidence to cope with common school life challenges such as setting goals and developing effective study skills. Oftentimes, these teachable moments occur during the tutoring session.

A student coach facilitates:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Management

  • Social Awareness

  • Problem-Solving 

  • Responsible Decision-Making

​​The goal of student coaching is to heighten awareness and anchor this knowledge with new strategies and personal accountability.

African American Student Celebrating Gra

Parent Coaching

The relationship between parent and child has a major influence in the child's development. Yet, knowing how or what to do in a particular situation is not always clear. Parent coaching helps you discover practical and effective parenting strategies to better support your child's development. 


​​The focus of parent coaching is to facilitate the tools and individualized solutions that will help you achieve your parenting goals. 

Parenting coaching sessions are short-term, typically involving 1-3 sessions. We collaborate with other service providers, such as psychologists and psychotherapists that offer additional services beyond our scope of expertise. 

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